Weed Legalization Causes Fewer Illegal Marijuana Grow Sites

legalizing weed, marijuana grow sites, cannabisAfter legalizing weed, study shows that illegal marijuana grow operations on federally protected lands fell.

“Arguably,” the study authors write,”our versions hint that , nationwide recreational cannabis legalization are one way by which illegal growing national forests could be forced to vanish.”

The study, which was printed in the journal Ecological Economics earlier this month, is regarded as the very first of its kind to examine the consequences of legalization policies on illegal outside grows in federal forests across the USA. A new recent research found that weed cultivation on national lands especially from the Pacific Northwest diminished after legalization. Continue reading “Weed Legalization Causes Fewer Illegal Marijuana Grow Sites”

Weed Legalization Increases Hotel Bookings

weed legalization hotel bookingsColorado hotel room rentals increased appreciably after the nation started legal marijuana sales, a recently published study shows. Washington State also saw gains in tourism following legalization, although the impact there was modest.

Both countries were the first from the U.S. to let adult-use cannabis through legislation approved by voters in 2012. By comparing resort room leases in Colorado and Washington to countries which didn’t alter their legal position of marijuana by 2011 through 2015, researchers discovered that legalization coincided with a substantial influx of tourists along with also a increase in hotel revenue. The effect was more pronounced after the beginning of retail sales. Continue reading “Weed Legalization Increases Hotel Bookings”

How to Buy Quality Weed

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When you walk into a weed store, you are met with a huge choice of goods. How do you even begin to navigate your options? Why would you spend $60 on an eighth of Purple Punch that’s 23% THC when there is a $20 eighth from another brand with 28 percent THC? And it may be even harder if you are purchasing online and can’t see the product.

In my experience for a budtender, I found that cost, THC percent, and strain name would be the most common reasons customers pick
a product. Even though these criteria are great for narrowing your choices, none of them talk to the quality of a product. So, what is the gap between that $20 and $60 eighth of Purple Punch? Why spend the extra cash? To answer those questions, we must take a look at the features that define grade weed. Continue reading “How to Buy Quality Weed”