Grow Weed Without Pesticides

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“Do no harm” is a motto that many growers would really like to stick by–to have the ability to conduct an whole harvest without needing to spray damaging pesticides or fungicides.

Their lines of merchandise are meant to help the grower by supplying him or her using the tools required to maintain their rooms tidy and free of insects and molds.

The business has spent the past several years exploring engineering from several other agricultural, food and medical businesses, taking the very best of what they’ve found and implementing to industrial cannabis usage.

SpectrumGro got its beginning with the Pathogen Death Wand, this really is really a mild wand which emits an invisible valuable light wave frequency which may prevent and remove mildews, molds and fungi. Its effectiveness was analyzed in a large scale facility in Colorado.

The Pathogen Death Wand is presently among the cleanest methods by which to stop many kinds of molds and yeasts. The Wand provides PDe3 mixtures of light wavelengths at various intensities to some ) encourage the pure improvement and also to B) quickly destroy pathogens in addition to and inside all leaf tissue.

The following arrow in their quiver is your Aqualogic water method. The Aqualogic is a ozonator which ozonates your own water. This sort of technology was used in municipal water treatment centers, hospitals and industrial agriculture. The ozone stipulates the water using natural antimicrobial attributes which produces a fantastic solution for cleansing grow chambers, or irrigation lines and systems. It may break down algae, contamination and built up salts from the irrigation lines. SpectrumGro is the exclusive distributor to the product lineup.

Their second product is the air purification system which is extremely different from many.

Its known as AirLogix and can be a Hydroxyl Air purification program. It can obviously wash the air of your grow area and proceeds to make a protective barrier while its current. While this happens, a stronger anti-pollutant is made. These molecules are clarified as”the single most important cleansing representative in the planet’s atmosphere.”

These ions are 2.5 times more effective at resisting molds and yeasts than chlorine, which makes them among the most effective procedures of destroying these kinds of pathogens. Along with this, it helps break down the organic aromas of your room by means of a procedure called bond dissociation energy or BDE. These three arrows may likewise boost any growers instrument bag in regards to coping with molds, yeasts and parasites.

During their direct interactions with a few of the very best growers in the U.S., SpectrumGro has field-tested the goods and return with some remarkable results as soon as it has to do with efficacy. If you’re interested in finding a fix on your large scale industrial grow to combating pathogens, look no farther than SpectrumGro, as”character gives the best solutions” and that’s what their products do, then supply alternatives.